Warehousing Services

We are exceptional in providing holistic logistics services with a vision to magnify our customer value and loyalty. On top of the conventional logistics service which are Transportation, Warehousing, Loading, Unloading, Packaging and Labeling etc., we are taken with delivering end-to-end supply chain management service in single file to our Clients.


Service Features and Benefits

Glovis specialize in offering warehouse services as per customer’s requirements. Currently Glovis is having warehouses in Irrungattukottai near Sriperumbudur, which is very close to many Automotive companies like Hyundai Motors, Renault Nissan, and Daimler etc.The ancillaries of these automotive companies can benefit using our warehouses in view of their proximity.

Glovis also offers other associated services to warehouse like providing security services, workmen, supervisors, packing, re-packing, kitting, loading, unloading, labeling, sub assemblies, generating MIS reports, documentation, stock maintenance, milk run and transportation ( inbound and outbound ), etc. Glovis can become a one stop area for all your warehouse related activities.

Currently, Glovis is having 5 such warehouses and can set up any size of warehouse based on customer requirements. Soon Glovis is going to expand their warehouse operations in Bangalore, Pune, and NCR area. Glovis is having one of its kind warehouse management software which can be employed for their customers to enhance the output and efficient warehouse operations.

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