General Cargo Transportation

We are exceptional in providing holistic logistics services with a vision to magnify our customer value and loyalty. On top of the conventional logistics service which are Transportation, Warehousing, Loading, Unloading, Packaging and Labeling etc., we are taken with delivering end-to-end supply chain management service in single file to our Clients.


Service Features and Benefits

General Cargo Transportation is new service addition in Glovis service catalogue. Glovis is known for their strength in carrying finished vehicles across PAN INDIA. With this experience, Glovis recently ventured into the movement of general cargo. Currently, Glovis is carrying cargo on full truck load basis to PAN INDIA. We have our own 20ft/ 32ft covered trucks with single and multiple axles and attached many partner companies to cater the needs of our customers.

Currently, we are transporting white goods, automotive parts and can carry other kind of cargo also. The strength in transporting finished vehicles has helped us to set up many connecting and networking points across the country to monitor and support the movement of the fleet. Within few weeks from the inception of this service, we have received good response and our clientele is expanding. Glovis works professionally and is reliable in their transport movement with high quality of service.

Getting business today is more than just delivering customer service; its about earned trust, daily accountability and long term partnerships. Being in logistics / transportation field for last 5 years and serving big customers like Renault Nissan, Hyundai Motors, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Nissan etc., we have earned the reputation and trust from our customers. We strive to retain our reputation and improve our services continuously to have longer associations with our existing customers and also to include new customers. We will invest more into the transportation field to cater more customers in this business.

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