Logistics Consulting and 3PL

We are exceptional in providing holistic logistics services with a vision to magnify our customer value and loyalty. On top of the conventional logistics service which are Transportation, Warehousing, Loading, Unloading, Packaging and Labeling etc., we are taken with delivering end-to-end supply chain management service in single file to our Clients.


Service Features and Benefits

Our logistics experts provide professional consulting in various fields like Planning, Network Design, Information System and Outsourcing in Logistics. We analyse the logistics environment of our customer thoroughly to propose concrete and realistic service to them. Glovis can be your 3PL partner to provide one stop service such as picking, packing, transportation, warehousing, custom clearance, forwarding, delivery etc to meet the customers need and demand.

Logistics Operation Planning

  • Mid & Long term logistics strategy & execution strategy
  • Logistics Operation Process Planning
  • Logistics Service Monitoring

Logistics Network Design

  • Logistics Stronghold Strategy & Network Optimization
  • Selection of Optimal location for Logistics centre
  • Optimization of Logistics Stronghold Scale and Supply Chain

Logistics Information System

  • Evaluation of Logistics Information System and Operation Planning
  • Development of Performance Measurement and its Application
  • Calculation of Logistics Cost & Freight fare.
Domain Expertise

Our consulting led approach and deep domain expertise can be leveraged to drive growth through tightly linking logistics consulting with enterprise solution delivery


We give your expertise the technology prowess to maximize operational efficiency and drive down cost.


With our proven best practice approach, we analyze the logistics environment of our customers thoroughly to propose concrete and realistic logistics service to them.

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