Project Cargo

We are exceptional in providing holistic logistics services with a vision to magnify our customer value and loyalty. On top of the conventional logistics service which are Transportation, Warehousing, Loading, Unloading, Packaging and Labeling etc., we are taken with delivering end-to-end supply chain management service in single file to our Clients.


Service Features and Benefits

GLOVIS operates CKD business which receives automobile parts for overseas vehicle assembly from domestic vendor and transports these parts to overseas plants. We provide  an end to end integrated service on CKD Logistics such as ordering, packaging and shipping / delivery /freight forwarding. We offer various packaging services for car parts that are optimized for the production line at overseas factories.

Glovis India entered into the Project cargo business with the onset of the Hyderabad Metro rail project in 2013, since then, Glovis has successfully handled several project of which the Hyderabad and Delhi Metro Rail projects being the highest in terms of volume.

At this juncture, we have a dedicated fleet management team and operations team to serve our clients across India. Apart from this, we have iTMS, software to track movement of each vehicle in transit as well as monitoring the Geo-fencing of vehicles to expedite the entire loading and operation process thereby minimizing the total turn around time.

We also monitor the safety of cargo and vehicles by improving the lashing techniques continuously and make sure that cargo is secured completely at all times. We always have serious intention to ensure that the crew members involved in transportation and operations are maintaining their and peer’s safety, as they are an integral part of our success.

Experiences from each project provides us certain insights that not only, helps us to grow as an organization but also, provides us the opportunity to become experts in this field of transportation of ODC’s and OWD’s. We do look forward towards the journey ahead to us and successfully complete many more projects that come our way…

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