About Us

Our Vision

Realize the dream of mankind by creating a new future through ingenious thinking and continuously challenging new frontiers.

Our Philosophy

  • Unlimited Sense of Responsibility
  • Realization of Possibilities
  • Respect for Mankind

Through ingenious thinking and continuously challenging new frontiers.

Empowered by its confident ‘can-do’ mindset, Hyundai Motor Group has had a history of turning tough times into opportunities. Our challenging spirit and ingenious thinking have pushed us to pursue new changes and progress. To further advance into a truly great company amidst today’s formidable business environment, we need to read the wave of changes and fully prepare ourselves for the future. When we change ourselves for the aim of goals others never dared to imagine, and lead market trends by thinking one step of others, we can become the premier global enterprise we aspire to be.

Create a new future

Hyundai Motor Group has grown by creating something out of nothing. By refusing to stay content by past successes, we are aspiring to goals that are grander than those of the past. Inspired by our philosophy of Respect for Mankind, we will create a new future where our employees, customer, business partners and communities are given the opportunity to fulfill their dream – a future where ultimately all of mankind can share in on happiness.

Realize the dream of mankind

HMG’s ultimate purpose of business is to realize the dream of mankind. With love and respect for humanity as our philosophy, we are contributing to the global society and are earning the admiration and support of customers around the world. By providing a higher degree of satisfaction and value to the customers, and being responsible to the environment as a corporate citizen, we will take part in creating a better and bright future.

Our Values

  • Challenge – We refuse to be complacent, embrace every opportunity for greater challenge, and are confident in achieving our goals with unwavering passion and ingenious thinking.
  • Collaboration – We create synergy through a sense of ‘togetherness’ that is fostered by mutual communication and cooperation within the company and with our business partners.
  • Customer – We promote a customer driven corporate culture by providing the best quality and impeccable service with all values centered on our customers.
  • Globality – We respect the diversity of cultures and customs, aspire to be the world’s best at what we do, and aspire to become a respected global corporate citizen
  • People – We believe that the future of our organization lies in the hearts and capabilities of individual members, and will help them develop their potential by creating a corporate culture that respects talent.

Our History


Launched Freight Forwarding operations

For Export and Import Logistics through Sea and Air specializing in the field of International Cargo transportation as Freight Forward.


We own RoRo vessels in export car movement.

The services introduced are:
1. Stevedoring
2. Logistics between multi countries


Launched two major services

1. CKD operations – Parts Ordering, Packaging, Shipping and Freight Forwarding
2. CFS operations – Export / Import Container movement


Initiated 3PL business

Our experts provide professional consulting in Planning, Network Design, Information System  and Outsourcing in Logistics.


Commencement of Trading

Corporate Social Responsibility – focusing on Giving back to the Society


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Set up three Offices each in Northern and Southern regions

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