Finished Car Transportation

We are exceptional in providing holistic logistics services with a vision to magnify our customer value and loyalty. On top of the conventional logistics service which are Transportation, Warehousing, Loading, Unloading, Packaging and Labeling etc., we are taken with delivering end-to-end supply chain management service in single file to our Clients.


Service Features and Benefits

Glovis India was incorporated in India, in the year 2006 and started its operations with the transportation of finished cares. Being the group company of Hyundai Motors, Glovis India started its business of car transportation with Hyundai and over the years has matured into a successful and independent business house moving from a transnational business to a more strategic based business covering both domestic as well as overseas transportation.

The volumes of Hyundai Motor cars have gone up considerably since commencement owing to introduction of new technology and standardized process. GLOVIS India transports approximately 5.0 lakhs cars in the domestic segment and 1.35 lakhs cars in the export segment per year. GLOVIS India has a well connected network of transporters and agents who participate in smooth operations across the nation and beyond. Glovis India has a state of the art facility and IT networking system to continuously monitor and operate the car carrying business through web based iTMS software.

We give special emphasis on the safety of the cars and we use only experienced qualified drivers to operate the car carriers. The safe movement of the cars is facilitated by car carrying vehicles which are covered trailers with special arrangements inside to carry maximum number of cars safely. We own 60 car carriers and others as attached for this purpose. Our car carriers have fully enclosed specially designed rails with tyre lashing belts to secure the ride and protect the vehicle from any transportation damage. The complete task of loading and unloading is done by skilled and experienced drivers. We have special checks  to verify the damage of the cars, if any, before and after the loading.

Glovis adhers to high quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction and through this commitment, over the years Glvois India has become a major automotive logistics company in India.

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