Going by its motto “Your Value Chain partner”, we at Hyundai Glovis, India strive to create value in everything that we do. We believe that our strength is in our employees.

Teamwork is everything– and the best teams are made up of diverse people with complementary skills. We believe in identifying top talented professionals from the industry as well as freshers from various educational institutes. We place our Core Values at the heart of everything…..they are all part of the recipe, along with technical expertise and indispensable common sense.

Continuous Learning is the mantra for success. We identify, appreciate and develop the best potential to create a talent pool and provide them with a learning atmosphere for continuous growth and development.

We are growing and we need more remarkable people to continue our success story. So whether you have already built a career in logistics or you are looking for an exciting new challenge, why not to find out what we can offer?

There are openings in the following fields, if you are interested and having relevant experience, please forward your resume to

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